E-Tender invited from the reputed OEM/ Authorised Dealer/Stockist/Distributor for various type of Engg. Elec. Section Electricals Item, flexible Cable Copper Conductor 1.1KV Grade, Armoured Alluminium Cable 1.1 KV Grade, Aluminium Lugs Pipe, Alluminium Cable Kit Joint, Copper Lug, T.B. Connector, Coil for Contactor, Spare Kit, Overload Relay, Motor End Plastic/Metallic Fan, OEM/ABB, Lighting Materials etc.

Technical Bid (E-Tender) Date-04-09-2020 Engg. 2020-21

Tender No. 1 (Autho. Dealer Electricals) Date 04-09-2020

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